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#selah 2: KEEP WALKING


‘What am in doing with my life?’ Its a question that has probably crossed your minds at one point in time, or someone asked you and we were left pondering.

Things are changing so fast in today’s world that it becomes so easy to look at everything else happening around you and finally end up wondering, ‘am i good enough?Am i really doing enough with my life?’ I have, for the most part, been there..you know the usual stalking on the internet at who is doing what, where they have been lately etc, and i am left wondering perhaps i am not doing enough. Perhaps there is something more i need to do to get there faster right? WRONG!!

Have you also noticed that when this query arises suddenly you seem to forget all that you have achieved thus far? It becomes so easy to dismiss even the smallest of achievements and you end up complaining about what you’d have become, or what you’d have done if only you had this and that. Yet, the thought comes as a mere distraction trying to stop you on your tracks or worse take you back a few steps back. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 quotes “in everything give thanks.. ” But do we really take time to give thanks? The mindset and attitude we ought to have is that of thanksgiving for where we are today, as we keep striving for where we want to be.

Today i was just reminded of one virtue that is still yet to be perfected in me,  which by the way happens to be my other name, PATIENCE. It takes lots of patience to be consistent at what you do and believe in even when there seems to be no results. It takes patience.

Today’s actions are tomorrows realities. Hence lets keep walking and striving patiently towards that great person we were created to be and it will be just a matter of time before the world gets to know and experience our greatness.  But most importantly enjoy the journey.

With love..







Hello lovely people. If  hope you go that favorite hat that you have always wanted and it is serving you well; if you are into hats that is. The purchase is always the easy part but what is of utmost importance is always the care of the item to ensure it serves you longer. One of the common mistakes we make is storing the hat on its brim. With time the brim loses shape as a result of carrying the weight of the hat and the aftermath is a not so flattering hat that i am pretty sure no one would want to wear. So what is the best way if storing it? Simply place it on a hook.

I decided to create a vintage look for this last outfit by pairing a pair of culotte with a vest top and an overlay top and finished of with a pair of oxfords and felt fedora. This look is perfect for a casual, laid back kinda day and it brings me to an end of the three day challenge look. I could sure use some comments, suggestions on this look or all of the three and what else you would like me to feature. As always stay blessed. 🙂



Photos by: Mwasphotography & Memziclickit

Culotte: Gifted / Fedora hat : Goshen market/ Vest: Adams arcade / Overlay top: Adams arcade /Oxford Shoes: Toy Market  Bracelet: Gift

3 DAY CHALLENGE : look 2


Hats are worn by different people for different purposes. For some it acts as a decorative piece, some for protection against the harsh weather conditions, others to disguise baldness ( guys you can agree with me here) and some, ladies mostly, to protect the hair or  hide bad hair days.

In whatever category you fall,here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Find a hat that suites your face shape.
  • The hat should be a perfect addition to the overall look of your outfit. I am sure you would not want to make heads turn for the wrong reasons.
  • Make sure the hat fits perfectly before a purchase. There is nothing as discomforting as wearing a tight hat all day or having to keep holding onto your hat to avoid losing it when it is windy.

I decided to channel an androgynous look by pairing a pair of black pencil jeans  with a sleeveless top and finishing of the look with a pair of oxfords and the fedora hat. You can add a black or navy blue coat for a chilly day to complete the look. Thank you so much  for the read and i would love to hear your comments and other suggestions. Stay blessed.




Photos by: Mwasphotography & Memziclickit

Fedora hat : Goshen market / Top : Goshen Market / Pants: World Business Centre / Oxfords: Toy Market.

3 DAY CHALLENGE : look 1


Happy new month everyone!!

The sun is finally out * celebration dance*!!! For us here in the sub-sahara it is about time we took out those lovely pieces hidden in our closets and get all dressed up for the weather. I  will surely miss the cold season though. I have to admit i fancy the idea of layering up clothes just to feel all warm and cozy.

Anyway, speaking of lovely pieces, hats are one of the pieces in an outfit that do not go unnoticed. There are diverse types and they all enhance an outfit depending on the styling.  Fedora hats have of late become a common hog for most people. They add  simplicity and make an outfit effortlessly chic. I came across this fedora hat while walking on the streets i knew i had to get it. Its simplicity and uniqueness drove me to make a purchase and i was ecstatic about my first hat purchase.


As promised, i will show you  three ways of styling my all time favorite leather oxfords and i also figured why not do a combo with the fedora as well. For this look  I paired a simple striped top  with a black and gold sateen skirt and finished off with the oxfords and the fedora hat. Stay tuned for two more looks. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about the look. Stay blessed.



Photos by : Mwasphotography & Memzclickit

Fedora Hat : Goshen market / Shoes : Toy market / Top and skirt : Gift / Necklace : Zahara Designs




IMG_20160724_151855Lovely people, guess who just added one more year to her life today!!!!!!!! * happy dance* Oh i cannot even begin to explain how excited i am. Anyway excitements aside lemme reflect back on how far i have come .

There is just so much i am grateful to God for. Trying to imagine and leave alone writing down all that He has enabled me to achieve would require many days and papers. But allow me to highlight some people that have made me who have impacted and made me be who i am today.

We never choose the family we come from but if i was given a chance to, i wouldn’t chose any other. I am the last born in a family of five with two elder brothers, and with that said i have certainly been raised to be strong and to always go for what i want..or else i’ll end up having the remains (the scenario of food comes to mind LOL). The love and support from my family has made me be where i am today and who i am. I am ever challenged to better daily and to do more.

In my life i have met and come across so many people from all works of life, but i am ever grateful for having met my mentor, life-coach and teacher ( Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. Dd). He has taught me so much and helped me find my purpose in life. Most of all, two statements that have stuck with me that he quoted are: ‘a true champion wins for others and not for themselves’ and ‘success is impacting my world with the investment of your personality.’These prolific statements drive me to invest in my self the more and to always be open to see a need and meet it.

The impossibilities became  real the moment i took a bold step of faith to study fashion because in my wildest dreams i wouldn’t have chosen it as my career .Well,  I am not in a position to say that i have learnt all there is to know about this new world glamour and creativity, but the much i have learnt and done is totally worth it. A quote comes to mind that i once heard ‘ impossibilities is just but an opinion” and trust me it truly is. All this has been, and still is being made possible by the friends that i am blessed to have. What an honor to have met such gems. Thank you..yes you.. for sharpening me and driving me to bring out the best in me.

p.s..today’s look was inspired by all this words and emotions in mind. To a new year full of exploits!!

With Love..


Photography by Julie Mong’are .

Jacket– Gift / Chino- Gift /  Top – Thrift /Shoes – Ngara / Necklace – Gift